10 Ways You’re Traveling To Singapore Wrong

Number one ask you for the price after you bought your food so usually sometimes when you sit down at a seafood place the food that would be listed as a market price especially something like lobster or crab anything that is like seasonal you always want to make sure you check the price there was an incident where some tourists were way overcharged they were charged about $500 for their meal which was for about 4 or 5 people when that was not the expectation

Things not to do in Singapore

tip number two buying your alcohol and cigarettes outside of the airport there’s a huge sin tax in Singapore Singapore okay but like every single time like I visit like home in Singapore like my friend will I call me up and be like hey are you at the airports like once you get in like Singapore what could you buy me like three bottles of like vodka or something about it every family in Singapore has a like little treasure trove where they put all the alcohol that they buy Beauty free from the airport you don’t want to pay that tax I’m so worried that when foreign friends visit they’re gonna think we’re all alcoholics oh we’re just trying to save money

tip number three is leaving the airport too early there’s a lot to do in Singapore Changi Airport they just built a giant mall called jewel it has like the largest like indoor waterfall in the shopping thing is is insane yeah it’s insane it looks like Jurassic Park when you walk in because it’s full of green and there’s this huge waterfall just cascading water down it’s pretty normal for people to be like let’s hang out at the airport it has a cinema it has a serene pool at the airport it has all the facilities that you desire it’s crazy it’s insane I was there recently was so beautiful do you want to go through the airport

yeah yeah number four a chewing gum no chewing gum one of the most famous famous rules internationally known technically it’s not illegal to chew gum in Singapore it’s just the buying and selling I do have one story when my friend and I we were coming from Malaysia and we have like you know it’s like we have a couple of like chewing gums and stuff like well she has and literally an immigration point the officer has to confiscate her chewing gum even if it was for like personal consumption if you ever bring chewing gum like just don’t bring it they will confiscate it and it’s pretty much illegal if you chew it and like you bitter you will get fined yeah don’t litter I think that a lot of people recognize that is for the greater good right you know to be able to enjoy a city that’s so clean all the time people have to follow rules like that

tip number five avoiding tap water what do you think about like tap water in the same apartment I think it’s fine just drink it straight yeah I know in the region sometimes especially when you traveling to different sort of places that you’re not familiar with you want to be cautious and you want to purchase sort of like the bottled water just to be safe but in Singapore everything is very strict and well-regulated so especially I’ll want the system so feel free to just drink the water straight for me at that when you go to a restaurant make sure you bring your own like reusable water bottle because they will charge you even it is like tap water next tip eating in public transportation so that’s a big no-no in Singapore there is no like eating and drinking in any like public transportations in Singapore that’s why Singapore is so clean and everyone is just like okay there’s no eating I feel like I feel like if you’re like little thirsty or something and you just want to take a sip of water that’s fine but if you like bring a glass of beer to the train you know or to the bus you can’t do that you cannot do that at all so number seven not learning some Singlish phrases Singlish is such like another language like I feel like Singapore is such like a multicultural with like different people with like different background different languages that we have like all this like mesh like languages that we have is like what we call it as English so there’s four different official languages in Singapore Malay Tamil Mandarin Chinese and English so not many people know that most everybody in Singapore speaks English it’s just a lingua franca or like a bridge language so that everybody from different cultures can still communicate effectively with everybody else so a good everyday sort of example of English in action is when you order coffee or tea at your local hawker centre there’s always like a drink stall in the Hakka Center and it’s always run by the owner because the owner knows that every single person who eats then used to buy a drink as well so there’s a lot of guides that you can check online on how to order your coffee or your tea at a hawker centre like a local for example if you want just a straight black coffee nothing in it no milk no sugar you can say poppy goes on and KO song is Malay for nothing it’s sort of like a mash-up between Chinese dialect call Hokkien and the malay language they sort of mix it up it doesn’t really matter what background the person’s telling you coffee is everybody knows this phrase guide for ordering coffee and tea in Singapore but don’t be afraid to just order in English if you’re up to the par with the Singapore slaying in

number eight standing on the right side of the escalator technically you should stand on the left because on the right side is where people are in just kind of like rushing everybody has a silent agreement if you’re gonna stand on the escalator stand on the left if you’re gonna walk up the escalator you walk up on the right that’s right alright number nine finding a table after you got your food another sort of unspoken rule that Singaporeans have is that when the Hakka Center is very crowded and you need a place to sit you can use a tissue packet to reserve or in Singlish is called choke to choke your seat so if you if you see as soon as you see like a packet of tissue paper on something that means like that someone is already serving reserving that territory and it’s very good to know and not mistake it for oh this haka Center is amazing they even provided me a free tissue packet while I eat and then to move it away and to take somebody else’s suit big no-no and I think like it goes like more than just like a packet of tissue paper I guess like I’ve seen like people put like umbrellas or like name cards or like wallets so like laptops or like even like your iPhones and number 10 calling somebody from the older generation by their first name uncle’s or aunties show some respect yeah so if you see like an older generation who typically look like your uncle’s or your aunties you want to call them like uncle or auntie and it’s not even limited your friends parents it also applies towards somebody at the hakka center or somebody your taxi driver if they are older than you you can call them uncle and you can call them auntie and it’s fine you would never walk into a house and then call your friends mom hi Michelle get out of my house yeah I recommend Singapore’s a good home base because it’s very safe it’s very clean everybody speaks English yeah Singapore is such a cool place to visit as long as you follow all the steps you’re gonna have a more pleasant trip to Singapore and if any other Singaporeans are watching and you get tips for visitors.

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