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Apple AirPods 3 Pro S$379 Singapore Confirmed

Media announced AirPods Pro with a new design will be released in October. The price is not happy. Apple will release third-generation AirPods wireless headphones in late October. Headphones will be called AirPods Pro, an updated design, an active noise reduction system and a price of about US$ 260.

This was announced today by the Chinese resource China Economic Daily, citing its own trusted sources related to Apple. AirPods Pro: release date and price. According to insiders, the new AirPods Pro will have a redesigned design. Earlier, leaks from the beta code for iOS 13.2 indicated the design update for Apple’s new wireless headphones. In addition, the updated appearance of the third-generation AirPods was predicted by a reputable analyst, Min-Chi Kuo. The report also reports that AirPods Pro will
receive an active noise reduction system. It is assumed that due to this innovation,
the headphones will become vacuum. The price of the new AirPods Pro will be $ 260,
which is immediately $ 100 more than the cost of the current model.

Thus, in other countries, the price of AirPods Pro will exceed $ 280. Earlier, analyst Min-Chi Kuo said that Apple is developing two new AirPods models at once. According to the expert, one of the models should go into production in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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