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I am super excited about today’s episode because we are trying beauty brands from… Singapore! And Singapore is our home country. Now some of these brands I love and I use, some of these brands I’ve
actually never heard about before, even though I am from Singapore! That’s nuts! Okay, so today we are going to try them out. Yes! So this is the Fauxlash Mascara Duo Set from Faux Fayc so they say it’s a mascara duo set but actually it comes without mascara. This has a lash gel as well as a lash enhancer.

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And it’s supposed to give you a 300% increase in length and thickness, and use it over your regular mascara. It says Say Goodbye to Your Falsies so the first step is to put your own mascara and let it dry. Okay so while I let that dry, let me show you what is inside the box. Oh love this packaging, it’s so sleek and sexy. One of it is the transplanting gel and the other one are the fibres. So now I’m applying the gel, and then I put the fibres. Ooh, wow. That goes really long.

And then use the gel to seal the fibres in. That’s long right? I’ve only done one coat so far and you
can repeat this a few times if you like. I have done two coats and my lashes look incredible! Like, so good! They legit looks like falsies, it’s crazy! It’s not even clumpy, like, okay I can see a little bit but
that’s like a regular mascara clumpy for me but for this amount of length, actually really doesn’t look clumpy. This is like, I think, 200%. I feel like if I did it again… I feel like it could go longer but I don’t know. I’m really happy with how it looks now so… I think I might leave that and just rate it. I would give this a magnificent out of 10. This is ridiculous, like this is so good.

SUIINATURALS aims to combine skincare and cosmetics so that woman’s skincare routine
and makeup routine can be condensed into one, maximum two, steps. Their products use food grade
ingredients as much as possible and they have zero chemical nasties, as they like to call it. This is the Artisan BB Face Powder, which provides medium coverage, sun protection as well as skin care. And the packaging is so cute! Okay so BB Creams, I mean they normally come in a cream form, so this is a BB powder, kind of like melts a little bit, like I was expecting it to be more powder-like. So it comes with this powder puff thing, which is really small, so I feel like maybe only good for like, touch-ups? But to do your whole face it might be a little bit tricky. So let me just use it with the brush. Oh, that’s interesting. Application is very easy to blend, I think the powder is quite finely milled, it just goes into the skin very seamlessly it doesn’t look too powdery. What I do feel that is lacking though, is that it kind of doesn’t go up to the next level, you know what I mean?

Because I think it is great, right? But I think a lot of like fantastic powders also add a little bit more to it. But this, I feel, is a really, really solid powder la. Like it mattifies, it looks good, it’s even, but does it do anything more than that? I wouldn’t say so. Okay say for a beauty product right, I think that the ones that really blow my mind are the ones that you put it on and it’s as though it transforms your skin a little bit. Like they make you look like… luminous. Or they make your skin look… whoosh! I don’t feel like it makes my skin look extra amazing but I do feel that it makes my skin look good. Okay, so I feel like this is a decent powder, I think it’s got nice coverage and apply it very well, it feels light and it’s easy to use, but it’s like okay. You know what I mean? So I would give it like a 7 out of 10. But I would add a .5 because it’s a BB powder, which I find very interesting like… I don’t know if you guys have heard of this but this is the first time I’ve heard of a BB powder. I haven’t seen a BB powder before and… I think that’s very innovative so I would give this a .5 so altogether, 7.5. So Sahara is started by a pair of Muslim sisters who were finding it really difficult to find Halal makeup products so they decided to go out and make their own!

This is a nail polish that’s supposed to be very long-lasting, and also, it allows oxygen and water to pass through. And this leads to healthier nails and also it makes it Wudu-friendly. So Wudu is the washing ritual that is performed by Muslims before prayer and during Wudu, no part of your hands is
supposed to remain dry, including your nails. So as this nail polish allows water to pass through, you can wear it during Wudu. So quite simple packaging, pretty solid. Wow, look at the colour and that! I absolutely love this. It’s like so effortless to paint. Oh my god I want the entire line of nail polish. This is so pretty and it’s so beautiful. The color is super gorgeous and the finish is really nice and the fact that this allows oxygen and water through, like every time I paint my nails, I leave them on for very long and they just turn yellow. This is really very good. It’s like… super liquidy and very easy to use. It coats so beautifully and evenly and it’s glossy and it’s beautiful… I should give it like a star. You get it? Like a Ztar. Like a star.

This is an organic liquid foundation from Reflections Organics and as the name suggests, their products are organic and they’re supposed to help to improve your skin imperfections over time. This is 90% organic and apparently it’s supposed to be edible? We saw someone eat it in a video like… I don’t know! Okay, this smells a little bit like matte lip gloss. From what I see, it spreads beautifully. No streaks and… it’s like so liquidy. So this does not look as natural as I thought it was going to. If you want like a glowy, brightening, dewy kind of look, this is not for you because this does give a kind of like matte powder, full coverage finish kind of feeling. I quite like it though, very easy to blend, goes into the skin pretty well, so even though it looks like powder it doesn’t feel like an entire layer on top of my skin but it does feel like I’ve got makeup on la.

To taste or not to taste… That guy said it tasted like Bailey’s Irish Cream, that’s a no? I guess it tastes kind of like how you’d expect foundation to taste? You know what I mean? But like, not that bitter. If you really want like a powdery finish, then I think this might work for you because it’s looking more
and more powdery to me actually. I would give this an 8 out of 10 because it blends easily, it sits into the skin very well and for a full coverage foundation it doesn’t look too thick. Yeah. 8 out of 10. So 13rushes has handcrafted brushes that use synthetic materials and are cruelty-free. This is the angled flat concealer brush and this is one of my favorite brushes from them. I really like it because it’s super soft and also because it’s angled, like I can get into the corners very easily, like here. This was really great with cream concealers but I also find it works really well with powder eyeshadows or cream eyeshadows. Like, I don’t know. I think it really depends on how you use the brush and also because it’s so soft it doesn’t drag the concealer across my face so that keeps it in place and at the same time, allows me to even it out.

As you see how easy it is to kind of like, work it into the corners and you would think like, you
know, that it would streak or like what but it doesn’t and it’s just so soft and easy to manage. So it’s also easy to carry around and if you go traveling this is very good to bring around too. I would give this a 10 out of 10. This is the Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo from Handmade Heroes and this was actually featured on BuzzFeed as a dry shampoo for brunettes. It’s a little bit gray on the inside. I think that the bottle is super cute, like everything just kind of like works together, it’s… you know it’s so great.

You want to buy for yourself also can, you want to buy as a gift, also can. One thing I did notice though, with the no preservatives and no parabens and all that. And also, you’re supposed to finish
using this in two months after opening. That is a lot of dry shampoo to use. So one of the ingredients is bamboo charcoal, and the bamboo charcoal is supposed to deodorize and then the lavender and
the peppermint will soothe the scalp. This smells divine. It smells like a… fresh bright clean spa. Okay so I’m gonna put it on my hand first and then put on my head because it feels like it’s a little bit
difficult to control with this.

Okay let’s see how much dry shampoo we actually have to use for this to work. So for other dry shampoo, the kind that comes in a spray,
which is what I normally use, like immediately once I put it on
I can feel it refreshing my scalp. You know I mean? Because there’s that gust that go pssst
and then you can feel it go like woo! And then there’s a bit of that menthol feeling, well not really menthol, it’s like it’s cool air right? For this, I kind of like can’t feel anything. Like because even the dry shampoos that
when you spray and there’s a lot of residue, like you can feel a stickiness but for this I’m kind of like, did I put enough? Like you know what I mean? I can’t feel
like if I put anything at all… So the thing is, I did feel like it absorbed
the oils and also it did add some volume. I’m just gonna put it out there that I’m actually very used to my dry shampoos giving me quite a bit of volume so comparatively, this is not a lot, a lot of volume, but also this doesn’t really claim to be volumizing. I do feel like if it was like wider
on the top with more holes, that that the product might dispense more easily. I understand why people
recommend using a kabuki brush, but that’s kind of like, another whole brush
you need to set aside for your hair. So for the product, I think it’s really good. It smells great and it absorbs oil so well so I would give that an 8 out of 10 but I find the application a little bit
troublesome, it kind of like, falls over the place and also, the very short shelf life. I would kind of like, give it a 7 out of 10 so that would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Candela Cosmetics offers ultra pigmented
but skin-friendly products that are also environmentally
friendly and wallet-friendly. So this is the Luxe Liquid Lip in Vixen and it’s supposed to be ultra
pigmented and lasts all day. It’s also fragrance with organic
peppermint oil to plump your lips.

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Ooh, that does smell very nice. Smells like a candy cane. Now it smells more like peppermint.
Like candy cane, peppermint. I think the colour is pretty, pigmentation I’m not sure… Yeah it’s very pigmented but doesn’t seem like a very even application at the moment. At first I thought that coverage might be a problem, like the first one, like one pass wasn’t quite enough I’ve to go back again but the top one when you put more product and you spread it out it’s actually really good. I think this is the closest to Brooke Candy I have gotten.

Okay so thats all for today. Make ups are available on Lazada Singapore. curate amazing products from Lazada. DO check them out.