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Huawei Watch GT Singapore Review and Price

Today we’re gonna take a very close look at the Huawei watch GT.  We’ve been seeing a lot of smart watches come out lately right. There’s the Amazfit smart watches that we gave out a few weeks ago and then there’s the Xiaomi Mi band series that you guys really liked and then there’s the TicWatches And then now we have this

So we’re just gonna take a close look at this guy today This watch is most likely geared towards the mid to high end market because it’s currently priced at $250+. It’s not exactly cheap. It’s not too expensive either.

Because we know watches that have gone up to about $1000 right.

Huawei GT Watch Singapore Review

So, it’s pretty good It has a inch round AMOLED display. It’s not very heavy and it feels good to touch and it looks absolutely stunning. It’s very fashionable!

Now if you swipe casually the animation actually follows your fingers very closely like so But if you swipe too quickly you realize that you know sometimes see, like right there it doesn’t really register so that’s why you’re better off just swiping very very casually, leisurely.

So it has like a ceramic bezel cased in stainless steel. It’s very mature very sleek and it’s great for business occasions it’s not exactly like a sports watch that you’d wear.

Now it’s using a traditional Huawei watch strap, it’s actually got two sides to it. It’s leather on top and rubber on the bottom. You might find it kind of hard to get on your wrist, like the right fit because the holes here are a little too wide perhaps but, it’s all good. But this color, man! So even though the sensors on the back are like outer bumps they’re like sticking out you don’t actually feel them when you wear the watch so that’s pretty good and I like this really like this like simple 2-button design that they went for is very easy, simplistic

So the top button gets you back to the home screen and then you can instantly access the different workouts, weather notifications, things like that so you can think of this as like the Home Button on the iPhone and the bottom one gets you straight to the shortcut to all the different sports modes like your trail, your run, outdoor cycling swimming, hiking, etc

So that’s really cool and you just click the top button again to get back to home.

How Waterproofed is the watch?

So HUAWEI says that this watch is 5ATM waterproof

So what does that mean? It means that this watch is resistant up to 5 atmospheres so 1ATM is the standard pressure of the atmosphere at sea level so, if you go diving to a depth of about 40 meters.

This watch would be able to with standard the pressure and be waterproof at the same. So what we’re gonna do right now is we’re gonna submerge this in water and see just how waterproof it really is. All right, so here we go Just gonna put it in for about, let’s say, 20 minutes? Is that good?

Look at that So this phone has 11 different skins you can just hold down the middle screen to access them and, for me. I think the skins are a little just too… cluttered for me I mean they just show too much on them I tend to like a more minimalistic design when it comes to watches but even the minimalist skin on this watch is a little too much it’s just that look at this.

I don’t know this is just not what I had in mind when it comes to minimalist designs but anyway the drop down menu is very nice. It’s got your regular no disturb show time this one featured though, the find your phone feature is really nice so when you have your phone like you don’t know where your phone is all you can do is just tap that and your phone will ring it’s pretty handy and then the user interface is also done very well it actually tracks all of your sports statistics that you do on this phone so for example let’s say let’s check out the menu first it’s got a very comprehensive sports menu you got your running, outdoor climbing, trailing indoor cycling, pooling, right.

Everything you do on this is recorded onto the inner app and then when you access your when you access the app itself you can see right here see this is me taking my dog for a walk yesterday that’s pretty cool they usually add like a cool animation too to compare and they show all the statists that you’ve done the duration, average pace, calories that’s really nice.

Battery lifespan of Huawei GT Singapore

Alright, let’s talk about this awesome battery life it has Huawei says that if you turn off the heart rate sensors and you turn off the GPS as well this watch can last up to 30 days on standby I mean I didn’t get to test this watch for about a month but, this battery life is actually crazy because yesterday I mean just yesterday morning the battery life was at 23% and I was using this like normally too and I left the heart rate sensors on so if I just calculated from that one day, 3% battery that’s really about a whole month’s worth of battery life right here and one of the most annoying things about wearing a smartwatch is that you have to charge them well a lot of them don’t last very long so you have to charge them every day right.

I mean we already have our phone to worry about and now to charge my smart watch every day it gets kind of annoying but the HUAWEI Watch GT takes about less than two hours to charge up to full so, that’s pretty crazy because we really know it has like about a 30-day duration on standby. So just two hours you can charge up to that long I think that’s pretty good one of the really cool things that I just noticed is that you know how the charging docks always have like these grooves on it so like they prevent you from accidentally miss installing it well this one is different they’re using magnets on this so you can never place it the wrong way so see…

For example if I accidentally place it the wrong way it can’t go in but then as soon as you put it close to the right place it automatically lock it in with the magnets it’s pretty cool, so you see, you can’t you can’t put it backwards right but as soon as you like it’s magnetized so you just drop it in and it’ll automatically click into it that’s pretty neat I actually really like that a lot of smartwatches aren’t very responsive when you lift up your wrist the screen.

Prices of Huawei GT Watch

Best price: S$300

huawei gt singapore price

So overall this watch was very nice has a very nice and clean design right it’s business like, its fashionable the app was very intuitive right. It’s a user friendly you can see everything you need to know from the bottom so it’s quite nice the overall experience.


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