Oppo R17 Singapore Review and Prices

I’ve never truly been excited about Oppo new inventions, and the brand-new R17 is no different. But since I had the chance to spend some time with it, I visualised I would share my immediate impress of the phone with you guys. First of all, let’s start with blueprint. This is a pretty good inspecting telephone, particularly from the figurehead. The new notch design on this OLED screen is a quite a looker, and even the bottom chin is relatively small.

Oppo R17 Singapore Review

To me, this is how the notch should have derived from the Essential Phone. The aspect of the exhibition is really good as well, so I’ve really enjoyed watching content on the phone. But do take note, like a good deal of phones from Chinese producers, it scarcity Widevine L1 assist. So you won’t be able to watch HD content from apps like Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video.

Hardware wise, the R17 continues the heritage of using brand-new mid-range Qualcomm chipsets. This time round it’s the Snapdragon 670.

It’s also paired with copious amount of storage and RAM. In calls of the results from the chipset, I have no complaint whatsoever. It’s able to run sports well, and apps propels speedily. In my season with it, it also seems quite efficient, or maybe it’s just the 3,500 mAh artillery.

This is where I want to talk about ColorOS. I’m not a fan of it at all.

From the direction it seems, to the lane it wreaks. Despite the ability chipset, it precisely doesn’t feel as smooth, peculiarly the camera app. The launcher can be replaced, but it doesn’t set vexing issues like the multi-step process to reject a notification or the obtrusive app permissions.

So software is definitely my least favourite part of the phone, and one of the main reasons why I’m not that are of interest to Oppo machines in general.

Camera Specs of Oppo R17

While the camera app experience isn’t that smooth, it is able to produce pretty good searching portraits. Pleasing searching colours, nice items, and even the dynamics straddle is not that bad thanks to the automobile HDR mode. Low ignited execution is nice good too, and overall it’s what I would consider to be a respectable camera. It shortage hardware stabilisation, but 1080 p registering does have software stabilisation.

I don’t make selfies routinely, but I do remember the front camera on the R17 is pretty good. It’s be permitted to captivate a good deal of details with the 25 MP sensor, and if “youre trying to”, you can also exercise a entire knot of beautifying outcomes. This is very likely to appeal to some folks.

But this is where I want to make it clear that this is NOT a phone that I recommend buying, particularly in Singapore.

The R17 exchanged now, does not come with the in-screen fingerprint sensor, or all kinds of fingerprint sensor at all. So we’re left with the usual unlocking methods which are more difficult, or the face unlock aspect which is less secure. While it’s nice that they eventually switch to using USB-C, it still shortage NFC. So no Android Pay.

If the information was style cheaper, it might have been a reasonable option, since the presentation and the camera conduct are actually pretty good. But at S$699 Singapore dollars, it’s just not worth it at all.

Prices of Oppo R17 Singapore

If you sure this is the phone you want to go for, this is the best prices we found on Qoo10.sg.

Price: S$699

price of oppo r17 singapore




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