Apple Watch 4 Clone Unbox & Review

Hey guys I have my hands on the latest Apple watch replica or Apple watch series for knockoff so this is the Iowa 8 which is made to be the same size as the real Apple watch series 4.

I would say this is the same standard in high quality as the apples packaging so on the front you have a picture of the smart watch face right there and all around the box is completely white which really gives us a feeling of a Apple product now keep in mind this product right here is actually made to look exactly like the Apple watch series 4.

It’s supposed to work very similar also so let’s go ahead and dig right inside the box and see what is all inside and here it is guys you are immediately greeted with the watch itself and tube and one on the other side now the face watch itself does come in different colors so you can get it in black silver.

I believe the other color is gold or rose so let’s go ahead and take this out now I did order the black band along with a additional white band which as you can see they put one on top of the other here and now these are all the exact same size as the real official Apple watch band so you can’t actually swap these out with the real Apple watch band which is always a nice thing.

So let’s go ahead and see what else we have below here so we have a user manual which is very high in quarry also made of very thick and high-quality paper which show you exactly how to use this watch and lastly we have a wireless charger so the watch actually charges wirelessly through this piece right here exactly the same way as the real official Apple watch charges which is really really cool guys so.

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the actual face here so here it is very nicely packaged and also looks really really high in quarry guys also feels very authentic however it is not keep in mind it is not the Apple however looks and feel the exact same way and look at that guys very shiny and clean let’s go ahead and take off the plastic cover behind the watch or so so on the back here you do have this heart rate monitor which will measure your heart rate and along with your blood pressure which is very very cool and very handy so let’s go ahead and assemble everything.

Put the band on to the watch face now I did notice with this right here it does come with a free screen protector that is already pre-installed on there so you can’t take it off I will take it off later to show you guys how clean and how nice the face actually look so before we actually put the ban on to the face of the watch here let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the actual watch itself so it looks pretty much identical to the real Apple watch series for from the way the band is inserted in here again they are the exact same size and the way you take it out and put the band in exactly the same as the real official Apple watch series for it so now to put the band on again.

It is the exact same band that you will actually get with the official Apple watch series for it so on the band’s just make sure the metal piece right here is the bottom side so this goes down like that and then you will slide it into the slot right here just like the real official Apple watch series for so just put it in here like this and slide it in and just like that guys so you do the same thing on the other side again making sure this metal piece here is the bottom in so simply slide it into the slot right here just like so and we are ready to go guys look how nice this looks now to remove the band again the same way and the same method as the real official air pass there will be two little buttons right here as you can see behind the on the bottom of the watch right here it’s right there so simply push this down with your finger and then you can slide the band out same goes on this side press the small button down and slide the band out and then repeat the same step to put the white band in or whichever band it is that you want and here it is with the white band on guys and I have got to say it looks really really sleek and nice the band feels the exact same way just as the real Apple watch series for Banfield’s very high quality and very comfortable.

Here’s another closer look at the actual face itself now I’d forgot to mention this one is the 44 millimeter model so it is the bigger sized one so let’s go ahead and power it on now the power button is right here exactly the same way as the Apple watch right here you have the scrolling button is also pressed down and over here you have a microphone and on this side you have two slot right here and these are actually the loudspeaker so the nice thing about this watch is you can actually use this to answer your phone call and you can actually talk directly to the watch right here and the people on the other side will be able to hear you and you will be able to hear the other person from this loudspeaker right here which is really really convenient so let’s go ahead and power it on you do that by simply holding down this button right here for a few seconds and it powers on saying Smart Watch with the universe or I mean with the earth spinning around there so it comes pretty stuck with this watch face right here as you can see looks pretty nice now it is trying to connect to my phone automatically since I have already tried to connect it to my phone previously so again this is the default face watch that you will see when you first power it on to change this simply press down on it for about two seconds and then there you can actually swivel to the left or to the right to change to many many different face watches so one I really like is this Mickey Mouse one right here so simply select okay and as you can see the Mickey Mouse is actually jumping so the foot and the hand is actually moving and as the head is moving also just like the real Apple watch so very cool and very very very simple and easy to use so multiple multiple faces that you can use the one I like the most is the Mickey Mouse the Nike and alone with this world right here so the earth is actually spinning and the quality looks a lot better the pixel on the watch right here looks a lot better in person my camera cannot catch the entire clarity of it I’m trying to swivel a different way that way I can show you the best quality.

Here so that is the main face of the watch if you swivel over to the right you will actually get the entire and menu as you can see right here so let me try to change my setting on my camera here so here it is guys this is how clean it actually look well the camera still cannot catch the clarity of the watch but again keep in mind in person it looks a lot cleaner and the quality is a lot higher than what you’re seeing right now very similar to the real Apple air watch the display is what I can say so the button right here simply press the scroll button to go back so let’s say if you are on the screen menu right here press this button to go back and then this is pretty much just a back button right here now this button right here if you want to lock the screen face simply press this button once more and the screen would turn off and now you can press either button to power it on you also have the option to have the screen turn on by itself whenever you swivel your wrist like this towards your face it will actually turn on as you can see it just happened right there so you will actually have to turn that feature on in the menu setting so let’s go ahead and show you the setting right here so when you go to setting you have the Bluetooth setting clock settings sound volume personal motion this is where you want to go to motion and then flip the mute incoming call you can even mute the call if you have a coin come in and just flip like that it will meet the call or you can use the wake up get sure that I just mentioned here so it is on on right now so when the phone is this way and you turn it towards your face it will actually light up the screen just like the real thing so that is very very cool now.

Let’s say if you are on the main screen right here when you scroll down from the bottom you will see a shortcut to all the things that you need such as to mute the phone or turn it on to vibrate and you also have a style change so right here say style it is currently on style too but if I press this it will go to style 1 what this does is actually changes the way the menu is displayed as you can see so this is the style one I don’t like this that much so I always have it on style too because it looks more like the real Apple watch with this style right here now if you swivel up from the bottom you will get to all of your exercise menu and settings so you will see your steps counting right here and then sleep time in hours and then your heart rate per minute and you can also measure your blood pressure which is very very convenient again so you can keep on flipping like that and then it will go to eventually back to the main screen right here now on the main face right here you have multiple things that you can do so it has displayed the current time date and then it also tell you the steps your heart rate per minute and then it also have the calories that you have burned today and the distance that you have walked so shorts comes in the middle here you also have the calendar if you press here it will take you to the calendar and then if you press on the music sign it will actually take you to the music menu where you can actually control the audio from your watch that is actually on your phone so you can actually play music from your phone directly on the watch right here and then the music will actually played on the speaker on the actual watch itself the next thing we have is our activity shortcuts so if you touch this right here or taking you to your steps and your running sports mode and lastly we have the globe right here which is pretty much your menu if you touch the globe it will take you to the main menu right here where everything else is actually at now some pretty cool feature that I like about this watch that you can do the same as the Apple watches everything we just mentioned plus some of the other features that include messaging notification and incoming call answering and outgoing calls so you can actually perform outgoing call so you can make a call directly from your phone and calling whoever you want or you can actually answer a phone call directly from your watch right here now another thing is again the notification so every time when you receive a text message or any pretty much any notification from your phone it will actually show up in the notification screen on this watch now the text messaging will not show in this little message isn’t I come here because there’s a restriction for Apple iPhone so I use app iPhone it will still show up on your watch as a notification that way you can still read your messages and all of your notification but for Android I believe it actually show in this little messaging icon but for the Apple devices it will show up but as a notification and you can just read it everything under the notification screen so in here you actually again have the calculator and you also have a way to set your alarm or set your time and you can actually remotely control your camera from the watch right here and you also have the weather display so very very convenient one feature that I really like about this product and also very similar to have a product is that let’s say if you’re in any menu no matter what you are doing while you are on the watch right here all you have to do is swivel back and then it will take you back to the menu or to the previous menu that you’re at so let’s say if you’re in the calendar here and then swivel back it’ll take you back here if you’re in the activity center swivel back it’ll go back immediately so on the main screen I forgot to mention you can swivel over to the right or you can actually swivel over to the left right here they will both take you to this main menu screen right here very very cool guys another feature I really like and want to show you guys is the loudspeaker on the actual watch itself here so if you go to the music menu right here and if I click play this will actually start to play the music that’s actually on my phone so here goes guys listen to the speaker and it’s actually pretty cool and pretty loud louder than I expect it so while the music is playing you can actually go to this next song or skip to the previous song you can also adjust the volume and increase the volume by holding down the plus sign and decrease the volume by holding down the minus sign at the bottom here and you have the volume bar way at the bottom of the screen here so really really cool guys let’s go ahead skip the next song now one last thing I want to show you guys is the calling feature how it actually works and how it looks when you receive a phone call if the watch is on your wrist so let’s say if you are using the watch just like so and when it is on your wrist when you receive an incoming call this is what it’s going to look like so it actually vibrates and it will play the calling tone whichever tone you should like to use and then simply slide this over to answer the phone call and now you can actually talk to the other person however you want so let’s say if the other person talking to you just like this hey can you hear me hey can you hear me hey hello hello so everything you’re hearing right now is actually coming from the speaker of the watch right here which is pretty pretty loud and it actually does the job pretty well guys so to hang up simply press this red button right here and that will actually in the phone cost now let’s say if you receive a text message or anything it will actually also show up on your phone no matter what you’re doing and how you want the notification to pop up is absolutely dependent on you if you want it just to vibrate or if you want it to play a sound it’s all completely up to you so let’s say if I receive a text message you will actually see a notification pop up on the screen just like so so mommy just sent me a text right there I can view it and then I can view like so and then I can actually delete it or if I just want to go back doing whatever I’m doing and then just like that guys one thing I did forget to mention is this watch is actually waterproof however it does not prove to the point where you can go take a shower or go swimming with it it’s only waterproof to a certain extent such as sweat and things that or small rain so do not take this to go swimming or shower guys now at the bottom of the watch what was really surprising to me was around the circular sensor here so it actually have little and printing writing very similar to the real Apple watch which is always a good thing now personally if you wear this on your wrist and you walk out on the street I’m pretty sure most people will actually think that this is a Apple watch because again it looks pretty much identical to the real Apple watch.

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